Bearing – The area of a member receiving structural support.

BIM – Building Information Modelling

Building Designer – The person responsible for the structural stability and integrity of the building as a whole.

Cantilever – The part of a structural member extending beyond the end support.

Chord – The horizontal timber members at the top and bottom of a SpaceJoist

Column – A vertical web or timber block fixed between the chords of a SpaceJoist

Compartment Floor – Separating two dwellings and required to provide sound resistance and 1 hour fire resistance.

Compression Block – A vertical timber block fixed to the side of joists where substantial vertical loads are applied.

Dead Load – The load produced by the fabric of the floor structure.

Decking – Timber boarding providing the floor or roof surface.

Deflection – Vertical deformation due to loading.

Dwarf Wall – A load bearing timber frame wall of similar depth to the joist.

SpaceJoist – An engineered joist made from stress graded timber chords fixed with glavanised steel webs and nail plates.

SpaceRafter – An engineered rafter made from stress graded timber chords fixed with galvanised steel webs and nail plates.

SpaceStud – An egineered wall panel assembled using stress graded timber studs fixed with galvanised nail plates.

EWP – Engineered Wood Product (a man made composite timber product)

Header Binder – Horizontal length of timber fixed onto the top rail of a timber frame panel.

Imposed Load – The load produced by occupancy of a building including storage and inhabitants

Intermediate Support – Structural support within the span of a joist.

Line Load – A UDL applied along a single line.

Live Load – Also known as IMPOSED LOAD.

Nogging – A horizontal timber block fixed between the chords of adjacent joists.

OSB – Oriented Strand Board (a composite sheet product made from stands of wood and glue.

Partition Wall – Timber framed non-load bearing wall applying a load to the floor below.

Point Load – A force applied to a single position.

Rimboard – A product used on the perimeter of a building to enclose the floor structure.

Rim Joist – A structural member comprising two chords separated by columns at set spacing.

Ring Beam – A structural beam used to distribute floor loads evenly to the walls below.

Services – Pipe work, ducting and cables passing within the floor zone.

Sheathing – OSB or plywood sheets nailed to timber frame panels to provide racking resistance.

Span – The overall length of a joist.

Strongback – A structual timber fixed perpendicular to a run of SpaceJoist to share load and reduce deflection.

SVP – Soil Vent Pipe

Trimmable End – Timber allowed for tolerance which can be removed without compromising the joist.

Trimmer – A structural member faming a floor opening.

UDL – Uniformly Distributed Load – either an area load (N/m2) or a line load (N/m).

Web – A glavanised steel strut technology fixed into the chords of a SpaceJoist with pressed nails.