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Open web joists give you a competitive edge, providing a number of advantages compared to traditional joists. That’s why designers, specifiers, fabricators and builders’ merchants are turning to Floortrus. When compared to traditional beam construction, the manufactured timber open web joist system is better, stronger, and can be installed faster.
FloorTrus is popular because of its ability to clear-span wide areas without the need for load bearing walls or post and beam requirements.

Build it fast – Once the trusses are on the site, the builder can really start to see the benefits. The consistent size and height of the manufactured FloorTrus will mean easier subfloor material installation. The open web design allows for utilities to be run through the floor system without drilling or notching the joists. These benefits reduce the amount of time trade contractors spend on site, speed up construction, and ultimately save the builder money.

Build it to last – The most robust open web floor system on the market. Use it once and no other floor system will ever feel the same again.  The custom designed FloorTrus system reduces the amount of “bounce” that may be found in conventional framed floor joist systems. This premium floor solution provides improved resistance to dynamic loading so it “Feels like a firmer floor.”

open web joists
open web joists timber frame

Premium grade robust floor – Improved dynamic load resistance and lower sound transmission. Timber
construction is more robust in transport than metal web systems and is less prone to damage on site.

Open web design – Fast and simple installation of services, without drilling or notching.

Longer spans – Greater design flexibility in locating bearing walls and partitions. FloorTrus offers high
strength and rigidity over long clear spans – in excess of 8 meters is achievable.

Reduced wastage – Bespoke design eliminates site alterations. FloorTrus also saves timber resources by reducing the amount of waste timber generated during construction.

Better for the environment – No glues used in manufacture. Off-cuts from roof truss manufacture can
be used for webs. No wastage as with solid I joists. All timber design ensures no cold bridging when incorporating FloorTrus in roof or wall designs. Much lower carbon footprint than concrete beam floors.

Wider spacing – Fewer beams are required and reduces the need for intermediate load-bearing walls
and partitions.

Wide nailing surface – Subfloor and ceiling application simpler and quicker.

Flexibility – Now available as “TrimTrus” with 300mm trimmable ends – the instant open web floor solution.

Save money – Trades work faster on site and the necessity for using intermediate load bearing walls is

Engineered – FloorTrus is manufactured off site ensuring consistent quality and reliability. The Alpine
design software ensures FloorTrus can be designed to an enormous number of specifications.