metal web joists spacejoists

The SpaceJoist metal web joists will give your project the competitive edge with marked savings in time and money. SpaceJoist offers today’s builder an engineered floor system that combines the best features of an I-Joist with an open web construction to deliver a quality product for maximum job site efficiency and overall cost effectiveness. Independent testing has proved the Spacejoist delivers outstanding acoustic performance, comfortably passing the English and Welsh sound regulations.

Build it fast

The SpaceJoist metal web joist system has features which simplify construction, helping a project run smoothly and meet deadlines. Off-site manufacture means accurate control of width and depth so SpaceJoists provide easier floor installation. The open web design allows for service runs without the need for drilling or notching. These benefits reduce the amount of time contractors spend on site, speed up construction, and ultimately save the builder money.

Build it for less
The lightweight Spacejoist with its open metal web design provides on-site savings in labour. There is no need for drilling or notching for installation of services and typical errors that result in costly remedial work are reduced. SpaceJoist can achieve long spans, allowing the building designer to eliminate costly intermediate load bearing walls. The bespoke design of each SpaceJoist reduces the site wastage and pilferage of timber joists. These factors among others translate into an increase in profit for your bottom line.

metal web joists spacejoists
metal open web joists

Longer Spans – Longer spans are achievable in comparison to solid timber. This
may eliminate the need for intermediate load bearing internal walls, thus reducing a building’s
overall cost.
Reduced Wastage – Bespoke design eliminates the need for site alterations. SpaceJoist also saves timber resources by reducing the amount of waste timber generated during construction.
Open web design – Fast and simple installation of services, without the need for drilling or notching.
Design Flexibility – A number of end conditions are available to the designer, including top chord supported. Spacejoists can be designed for precisely locating bearing walls and accommodating large services.
Less Timber and Fewer Webs – Fewer joists are required to complete a floor installation, reducing labour time. Tests show that the SpaceJoist system requires less construction material, saving costs.
Sound Performance – SpaceJoist delivers outstanding acoustic performance to comfortably pass English and Welsh regulations. The SpaceJoist system even complies with the more stringent 43dB Scottish regulations without additional insulation, plasterboard or resilient bars.
Fire Performance – NEW SpaceJoist category C open web solution is approved by the Structural Timber Association (STA) in their product paper 4 as an acceptable option to achieve a fire robust solution during the construction process.
Wide Nailing Surface – Floor and ceiling application is simpler and quicker due to the minimum chord width of 72 mm.
Highly Engineered – SpaceJoist is manufactured off-site ensuring consistent quality and reliability. Alpine’s design software can create SpaceJoist designs to a variety of specifications.
Open Web Design – Fast and simple installation of services, without the need for drilling or notching. Joists can accommodate large services such as mechanical heat recovery systems.
Save money – Trades work faster on site, reducing labour costs. The necessity for intermediate load bearing walls is also reduced.

  • Melingoed Spacejoist (Metal Web) Joists are suitable for use with masonry, timber frame and steel construction.
  • Metal Web Joists designed in-house to Euro Code 5 using Alpine View & AiMs software
  • The lightness of timber combined with the strength of SpaceJoist Metal Webs
  • Metal Web Joists allow far greater spans than would be possible with traditional timber joists.
  • PEFC certified timbers
  • CE marked
Technical Details
TimberKiln-dried TR26 timbers
Depth(s)219, 254, 305, 375 & 424 mm
Width(s)72, 97, 122 & 147 mm (single ply)
TreatmentOptional Tanalith-E pressure treatment
PlatesGang-Nail punched metal plate connectors
Metal WebsSpaceJoist metal webs
Max Length11500 mm