Roof Trusses – Wales

Roof Trusses – Hipped Roof

Roof trusses are today’s preferred choice for roof design, providing a fully engineered solution and allowing rapid installation times. Melingoed offer you cost-effective solutions for not only for domestic housing, but commercial and industrial developments as well. Melingoed roof trusses are designed and manufactured at our sawmill located in Carmarthenshire, West Wales. We are currently supplying roofing projects located across Wales and the West of England.

Roof trusses are an engineered and tested timber product connected with engineered metal plates, enjoying an outstanding record of more than 35 years of proven performance and durability. Melingoed embraces nationally recognized standards for truss design and the manufacturing of metal plate connected wood trusses. Trusses are manufactured under CE Certification using PEFC certified truss timber and ITW Alpine plating technology.

The modern trussed rafter roof has evolved to allow the creation of a range of roof-scapes, each encompassing any number of truss profile types. Considerable advantages are offered by attic trusses,  providing a means of increasing the value of your home through incorporating a ‘room-in-the-roof’. For those looking to add architectural features and the aesthetic of traditional oak framing, Melingoed design both plated and traditionally manufactured feature trusses.


Why you should choose Melingoed Roof Trusses

  • Free design Sevice
  • Value roof packages
  • Roof structures are erected quickly
  • Trusses provide economy in the use of timber, more so when spaced at 600mm centres
  • Erection procedure is simple and repetitive, requiring only a minimum of skilled labour
  • Architects and developers have a free rein in forming economic roof-scapes.
  • Standard designs require only external walls to be load bearing, thereby eliminating intermediate supports
  • Waste and pilferage are minimized
  • Programmed deliveries to suit construction schedules reduce handling and storage cost

Timber roof trusses offer benefits for architects and environmentalists

The timber construction of roof trusses is ideal for the environmentally conscious as timber is the only truly renewable building resource. Being a natural insulator, wood construction also benefits from higher thermal efficiency than alternative materials such as aluminium, steel or concrete.

The Melingoed Roof Truss Package

To complete your roof you a number of additional items may be required. As part of our estimating service we provide a picking list of additional items, everything you need to complete the job and we call this our roof package. The package includes timber items such as treated wallplate, bracing and valley boards. A full range of metal work including straps, truss clips and girder shoes. We offer a number of underlay types from the traditional slaters felt to the ‘fully breathable’ Proctor Roofshield. To complete the package we provide top quality batten and a range of artifical and natural slates and tiles.

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