Melingoed offers a range of sheet materials including chipboard, plywood and OSB from stock. We can quantify your sheet material needs based on the project plans, so there is minimal wastage. Sheet materials can also be specified as part of a roof or floor package.

flooring chipboard

EGGER Protect and Egger P5 are market leading structural chipboard flooring panels. Ideal chipboard flooring for use in all types of new build, renovation and refurbishment projects.

plywood sheets

Plywood is a stack of layers of timber veneer glued together with the grain of each layer at right angles to the last. Plywood is stiff, lightweight, strong and stable. Plywood is ideal for roofing, flooring, hoardings and walls.


Oriented strand board (OSB) or sterling board, is a versatile alternative to plywood. OSB is more versatile, cheaper and has a greater load bearing capacity. OSB2 is approved for non-structural applications, while OSB3 is suitable for structural use. Both are fully FSC certified.

mdf boards

MDF boards are a popular material in any building project. MDF is durable, flat, stiff and has a clean finish that takes well to most adhesives, paints and veneers. MDF Sheets have no knots and are easily machined to a fine finish.