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Cullen Uz-clip noggin support

The UZ Clip is a multi-functional connector for supporting solid timber and I-Joist noggins. For use with Purchase Tramadol Overnight Cheap and Best Site To Order Tramadol Online joist to support partition noggins, perimeter noggins and restraint strap noggins.

Sold as part of our Where To Get Tramadol Online or separately.

  • Suitable for supporting noggins in various applications
  • Adjacent noggins can be aligned without clashing
  • Open Webs Supporting Lightweight Partitions
  • Support for decking and plasterboard

For full technical and installation details consult the Buying Tramadol From Mexico or Tramadol 50 Mg Online Uk.

Refer to manufacturer’s guidelines and NHBC Standards for noggin requirements


The UZ-Clip is a multi-functional connector for supporting solid timber noggins. Various applications include support of decking, plasterboard and lightweight (non-load bearing) partitions.

UZ-Clip partition noggins
UZ-CLIP perimeter noggin