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Online Tramadol Prescription, Purchase Tramadol Overnight

paslode structural screws

Paslode Structural Screws (PSTS) are found in various applications including Tramadol 100Mg Online Overnight, Tramadol Online Ohio and Purchase Tramadol Overnight Cheap. Paslode Structural Screws are used where multiple members are fixed together. Typically these can be trimmer joists, Best Site To Order Tramadol Online, Where To Get Tramadol Online, lintels and multiple trusses (or girders).

Paslode Structural Screws (PSTS) are often incorporated in our Buying Tramadol From Mexico and Tramadol 50 Mg Online Uk. PSTS screws can also be purchased separately.

  • Large diameter flanges under heads ensure very EN 4592 high resistance to pull-through loads
  • Requires no pre-drilling
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Higher lateral load capacity than nails or screws of similar diameter
  • Upgraded to improve withdrawal and shear load capabilities, increase speed of installation and to meet the design requirements of Eurocode 5

For full technical and installation details consult the Tramadol Buying Online Legal or Order Tramadol Online Overnight Cod.


2-ply joists are typically used around openings where greater stiffness is required for oncoming point loads from trimmed joists and binders.
It is essential that the correct connection detail is used to ensure this unit acts as one, rather than two halves moving against each other, which can cause excessive deflection in the floor.
Recommended connectors include the proprietary Tramadol Online Cheap or Paslode PSTS.

paslode psts metal web girder

Multi-ply solid timber members are typically used within roofs for supporting other roof members or trimming openings. Some examples include purlins, binders and ridge beams.

Within engineered floors solid timber multiples are used for trimming around openings, for example stairwells and chimneys.

It is essential that the correct connection detail is used. This will be provided a as a fixing schedule supplied with either the Cheap Tramadol Online or Tramadol Order Overnight.

paslode psts solid timber multiple