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The Barn Hip and Bonnet Hip are variations on the standard hip end with a more traditional aesthetic.

Barn hip construction
Barn hip construction

This form of hipped end takes its name from the traditional barn roof, wherein the gable end is built up above the wall plate line, but terminates below the ridge position. A part-hip is thereby formed.

To accommodate this roof shape, flat-top trusses are used over the length of the part-hip, with the usual hip rafter incorporated to complete the roof line.
No girder or multi-ply trusses are required in the construction as the standard spacing of truss components continues to the gable end.

Bonnet hip construction
Bonnet hip construction

This variation to a normal hip end depicts a rural style termination at the end of the ridge, exposing a vertical triangle above the normal hipped end. The construction is very simple, using a compound truss at the “bonnet” position with the mono-pitch trusses supported from this compound. The hip rafters would be cut and positioned as for normal hipped ends.