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Where To Get Tramadol Online, Ordering Tramadol Online

Protect A1 roofing underlay

Protect A1 is a ‘third-generation’ roofing underlay which has been developed specifically to overcome the disadvantages of traditional Type 1F felts and second generation plastic sheet materials.Protect A1 can be used for all pitched roof constructions (tiled and slated), whether the insulation is at ceiling joist level or at rafter level. It is a twin-ply construction of polypropylene non-woven spunbond layer and PP film.

As with most underlay materials, do not lay in direct contact with any undried timber preservatives (whether water or solvent based). Protect OFV Eaves Skirt should be used at all gutter details.

Roof space ventilation should be provided at both low and high level as with all impermeable (type HR) roofing underlays irrespective of insulation type or position. A1 has unrestricted use from zones 1 to 5 at the maximum batten gauge of 345mm. No adhesive tapes are required to restrain the overlaps. Where insulation follows the rafters, there must be a ventilated air space at least 50mm deep above the insulation and beneath the underlay.

Protect A1 roofing felt
Roll size1.0 m x 45 m
Roll weight7 kg (including core)
Basis weight145 g/m2


  • Completely waterproof
  • Can be used as a temporary covering.
  • Excellent nail tear strength and tensile strength.
  • Has ‘unrestricted’ use for wind uplift in all exposure conditions in the UK and Ireland.
  • UV and heat resistant.
  • Absorbent undersurface prevents condensate drip-off.
  • Embossed dark grey upper surface reduces glare and takes a chalk line marking.
  • Does not generate noise under wind gusting.
  • Easy to cut, clean, light to handle and unaffected by temperature changes
  • BM TRADA Independently certified for all applications

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