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Proctor Frameshield 100

Frameshield 100 is a spun-bonded, polypropylene material developed as a breather membrane for use in Tramadol Online Ohio construction. It can be applied to Purchase Tramadol Overnight Cheap in the factory during offsite manufacture. On site Frameshield 100 affords effective protection of timber frames during construction against wind-driven rain, snow and dust.

Proctor Frameshield 100 can be used behind brick work, rain screen cladding, vertical tiling, timber cladding and other close jointed materials or systems.  Once completed, the high water vapour permeability of Frameshield 100 allows the controlled escape of vapour from within the timber frame whilst restricting the ingress of rain and moisture.

Proctor Frameshield 100
Thickness0.5 mm
Weight100 g/m2
Roll Length100 m
Roll Width2.7, 2.6 or 1.6 m
ColourGreen / Grey (others available)
Reaction to fireClass F
  • Low vapour resistance
  • Special sizes, corporate colours and printing available on request
  • Class W2 in accordance with BS EN 13859-2:2010
  • Fire rating to BS EN 13501-1:2007 Class F
  • Roll size 2.7m x 100m, weight 27kg
  • Colour standard stock options grey or green

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