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kronobuild fast protect flooring
kronobuild fast protect chipboard flooring
StandardEN312 – type P5
Size2400 x 600 mm
Thickness18 mm, 22 mm

KRONOBUILD Fast Protect from KRONOSPAN, temporary and permanent protection combined in one board.

Fast Protect is a specifically designed tongue and groove structural flooring board which provides dual layer protection against accidental damage or spillages and against exposure to the elements.

Firstly a robust slip resistant, waterproof, woven film which once removed and after all the trades have finished their works, leaves the floor free from site spoil and dirt.

The second layer of protection is a permanent. hard compound, slip-resistant, grey adhesive coating, formualted with enhanced moisture resistant qualities giving product stability throughout the build process and long after.

Fast Protect also carries the independently approved BBA certificate, allowing the board to be left exposed in the build process for a period of up to 42 days.

KRONOBUILD Fast Protect – Benefits:
  • Provides a safe slip resistant working platorm
  • Full BBA certification – Protects against the weather for up to 42 days
  • Protects during all stages of the build process
  • Continues to protect from accidental damage and spills after handover
  • Significantly reduces clean up times
  • Professional clean finish
  • Woven peal off film is recyclable